If your home has an attic, there’s a good chance you’re losing much of your heat and air through it. Aside from contributing to your home’s overall comfort level, this can also affect energy loss, utility bills and increased wear and tear on your HVAC system.

While your attic may already be insulated, it may not be as well-protected as it could be. Traditional insulation can’t effectively block all the heat that’s entering your home, which is why you need an insulation that can. KOOL Blanket Multi-Layered Insulation can provide your attic with the adequate insulation that you need, blocking up to 97% of the unwanted radiant heat transfer in your attic.Based on technology invented by engineers at NASA, KOOLBlanket excels where other forms of insulation do not.

KOOL Blanket is made of a 1/4″ encapsulated fiberglass core that is bonded to two exterior layers. Both layers are perforated 99.9% pure aluminum.

Enter your attic during the warmer months, and you’ll likely notice it to be extremely warm. This is because the shingles of our roof are absorbing the sun’s heat, transferring it directly into your attic. Additionally, the attic distributes this heat into your home, effectively raising your home’s overall temperature. From here, your air conditioner has to work even harder to keep your home at your desired temperature. Conversely, the reverse happens in the winter, with the warm air from your HVAC system flowing into your attic and escaping your roof. In both of these scenarios, your HVAC system has to work harder to keep your home at the temperature that you wish, which not only puts added wear and tear on it, but increases your energy bills as well. KOOLBlanket provides you with valuable and environmentally friendly insulation for your attic, helping you save energy and reduce costs year round.